Justin's Spot

RecipeNet (update)

Published on 22 Feb, 2016

Just a little update on Recipe.NET.


Published on 03 Dec, 2015

I’ve been tossing around the idea of pushing something out to the world, but always ran short on ideas.

Thoughts on Stack Overflow

Published on 31 Oct, 2015

I’ve come to realize something.

New Blog Platform

Published on 25 Oct, 2015

Good evening!

Working With Recruiters

Published on 22 Jul, 2015

For whatever reason, you’ve decided that you need to move on in your career. Be it a relocation, career change, escaping a toxic environment, or whatever reason you have, you’ve finally taken that first step and submitted a couple of job applications on a job board.

Hopefully Useful Code

Published on 07 May, 2015

I’ve decided to post the code that I have contributed in answers to Stack Overflow I believe to be possibly useful to me or others in the future to GitHub.